Are you a Spy?
Maybe you're not a spy but you may have the same needs as a spy…

Consider this: your personal, professional and financial lives may contain very sensitive and very valuable data that must be texted to others… really, your need for privacy in these areas can be equal to say… a James Bond.

crypText provides this level of assured secrecy when sending text messages to anyone with the crypText app.

How is crypText deletion different from Standard text services?

Standard text messages are maintained on the phone until the sender and receiver each decides to delete them from their devices. However, even after deletion that same text message will be maintained on the cell phone company's server for an indefinite period. crypText is different because with a crypText protected message, the sender controls the life of the message everywhere.

crypText does not use any part of the standard texting services as supplied by the phone company; instead, it uses its own proprietary technology for transferring the data from phone to server and back to phone again. Protection is reliable and complete!

Standard text messages are a maximum of 160 characters and depending on the character set, it can be a smaller amount.  crypText allows up to 250 characters per message regardless of the character set.

How does crypText encryption work?

In addition to using the standard HTTPS (SSL) for secure transmission of the texts, the actual text portion is encrypted using a 400,000 bit OTP (one time pad) created when the exchange is setup between the sender and intended recipient(s). At any time the sender can change the security code and all future texts will only be decipherable by users with the new security code.

Why use crypText?

  • Unlike other texting apps, crypText lets you keep your encrypted text messages reliably and completely private between you and the intended recipient(s).
  • With crypText you control how long a message exists because messages can be set to self-destruct either on the mobile devices the remote server or both.
  • No need to share your mobile number. Instead share your crypText User ID.
  • Easily create and join groups in crypText.
  • Discover peace of mind from complete and reliable privacy.
  • It's the perfect tool to keep your Private Life Private.
  • And your Secrets, A Secret!