Why crypText?

How important is it that your private messages remain private? Is someone Spying on you? What if your text messages fell into the wrong hands, could it lead to trouble for you and others?
With crypText you can delete all messages on your device and everybody elses!    

Did you know that with one phone call, all of your texts can be accessed? Lives and careers have been destroyed because text messages have been intercepted and used maliciously!  Don't become a victim --  Act now to protect yourself! If ensuring your privacy is important to you, make sure your texts are encrypted, get crypText now!

What Customers Say About crypText

Most clients send me oodles of privileged and confidential information when discussing a case, now they sleep better knowing that I only send and receive texts using crypText. Clients are stressed enough without the added worry that their texted information can be compromised. With crypText, texting privacy is assured.

A.Z. Manhattan, NY

My clinic ensures that all office communications are HIPAA compliant by using crypText.

Dr. S. Austin, TX

crypText has added a level of privacy to our traveling sales force. We are no longer concerned about our competitors intercepting the terms, pricing negotiations or commitments made by our customers. They now remain private.

P.A. Orange, CA

crypText cuts to the chase of my privacy issues. Now when I communicate with my staff it's as if we are standing under the "cone of silence". That's right 99, complete privacy!

A.A. Arcata, CA